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      There was really a lovely row on at Dan MacGraths Eldorado Saloon in Three Star Camp.

      Esmeralda had a hatred of reading and writing and arithmetic.[16] It was torture to her to sit still for longer than five minutes; and at first she blandly but firmly refused to take advantage of The Penmans instruction, and the poor old man, who was as fond of her as the rest of the camp, was almost in tears of despair.

      Her voice seemed to harmonize with the music of the water, and he found himself mentally repeating her words as one tries to repeat a line of a song which has caught ones fancy.



      Isntisnt it Is this all there is of it? she asked in a low voice.



      Poor, foolish Tabitha! What would she have thought of the tea-drinking in that lovely old room, mysteriously beautiful in the light of a wood firethe playful, uncertain light which glorifies everything? What would she have thought of those walls of booksrichly bound books, books in sombre brown, big books and little books, from floor to ceiling? A room which made those poor little oak bookcases in the cottage parlour something to blush for. What would Tabitha have thought of his deferential kindnessthat tone of deepest consideration with which such men treat all women, even the old and uncomely? She could hardly have helped admiring his good manners, whatever dark things she might have been told about his earlier years.